Determine the style of leg that fits your application. Refer to the product specification pages, the style of leg will be represented by one of the following letters:

"A" refers to an adjustable leg
"R" refers to a riser leg
"B" refers to a bench leg
"W" refers to a wishbone style leg
"H" refers to a straight H style leg


Determine the size of leg that you will need for your table. Determine the width of the table and select the appropriate size.

For Example:

Size Best Application
24" Wishbone non-overlap Standard 30" by 6 or 8 foot Rectangular Table
30" Wishbone with overlap 5 foot Round Table
36" Wishbone with overlap 6 foot Round Table
14" and 18" H-Style, and 18" Wishbone 24" or Narrower Rectangular Decorator and Seminar Tables


Determine whether you require overlapping or non-overlapping legs. To indicate overlapping legs, select part number ending in 0; and for non-overlapping, select part number ending in 5. This can be determined by:

Overlapping Leg Set Non-Overlapping Leg Set
 htolpp1  htonlpp1

If the legs on the table will  touch in
the folded position, order overlapping legs.

If the legs on the table will not  touch in the
folded position, order non-overlapping legs.


When placing an order, you will need to provide:

  1. A letter that represents the style of leg.
  2. A number in inches that represents the appropriate foot print of the leg.
  3. A number indicating the nominal table height of the leg.
  4. Following height, a number 0 or 5 indicating overlapping or non-overlapping leg set.
    1. 0 for overlapping
    2. 5 for non-overlapping

For Example

This following leg set catalog number designates a Non-Overlapping Wishbone Style Leg Set with 24" wide footprint and 30" nominal table height.



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